Friday, October 23, 2015

In love with a God! Oops!

The problem with loving a great man is that he always chooses greatness over your feelings. No matter how much you love, no matter how much you pine, no matter how much you hold on to... it's never enough! It's not fair to ask for anything in return. And why should you! Greatness should always win! And like God, a great man will never answer. You can only beg and pray. Or you could meditate and patiently wait till he grants your wishes. But make no mistakes, cause he cares alright! He would love every bit of attention and out of this world experiences but he can not express. That's blasphemy and makes him guilty. Cause a great man is almost like a God, he can bear a lot of pain, but he will sacrifice and it's absolutely not selfish. Haven't you heard of animal sacrifice! It's a ritual, right? He would always choose to be a monument of non-attachment. The Gods sacrifice all the time. And if you are too close to him... like almost his own self, then he has all the rights of bearing the pain of your crucifixion. The world will applaud! That suits his image. But kind words of love are too mortal.

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