Saturday, October 10, 2015

Back in time

I wish we could have those days when
I dint understand your ways.
I would love to go back
As then you used to try harder
And when I still dint or denied,
I remember you hold me and say,
"I'll miss you silly, don't you get it"
And then time would freeze for a while
I wouldn't be able to drive anymore
As I'd be haunted by your image in the rear view.

You waited till I drove off
And I couldn't go further...

And then I would scream on the way
To let it out
Bump onto any place
Just to feel a greater pain
But in vain.

There was joy in that pain
There was love in those eyes
There was trust in your touch
There was a smile in our hearts
There was hope in the longing
We knew we would see each other again
Just a matter of time
I want to go back to that time
When life was mean but wasn't meaningless.

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