Friday, January 6, 2012


What if I don't have a name? Does that make you more human than I am? What if I don't have a religion? Do you become more virtuous? If I say I don't speak any language in particular, does that make you feel any higher than I am? What if I don't belong to your caste? Does it mean you are more cultural? What if I was born in No-Man's land? Does it make you more Indian? If I was born a few years later, would it make you more wiser?

You surely have a God... So let me ask you a few questions about Him... Does He look like Buddha? What is His religion? Is He a Sikh? What about ethnicity? Is He an African? He surely speaks Bengali... right? Is He a Brahmin? What's His age like? What are His decisions based on? Heart or mind - what does He prefer? Is He fond of veg-food? Never mind! Tell me if He gave you the name you use? Did He ever tell you to which religion you belong? Did He teach the language you speak? Did He decide the borders of your country you were born into? Did He promise to bless you more if you belonged to a certain caste? Did He even ask you to judge me considering any such parameters? Does He still reside in you? ... Or did He leave long time back as you divided your land way more than He would like?....

May your God bless you!! Probably you need it more than me!