Thursday, November 17, 2011


Togetherness or the absence of it..

Do I ever care!!!

I never seem to learn!!

All I know is the long awaited 6th station is here..

For me..the lost lost journey continues..What matters is how I remember this day..

Do I regret? or Celebrate the coming years of May...!!!

Cheers anyways..!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Bhuli-bisri galiyon me tumhari ahaat ko dhund leti hun

Jaagi jaagi ankhon se tumhari yaadein palat kar so leti hun

Jo taraane kabhi dil ke kareeb the, woh aj dil cheer ke nikal jati hai

Phir bhi unhi zakhmo me tumhari baatein mehsus kar leti hun

Bas itni si ehsaas baki reh gayi hai zindegi me

Ke jab bhi tumhari yaad satati hai... thoda sa ro leti hun

Monday, August 29, 2011

Darkness Within and Without

You wished you could see light at the end of the tunnel....!! Did you even walk till the end? Did you really want to see the light? Or did your insecurities overcloud your judgement and darken your vision?
Coz I was ready to walk the extra mile and I did travel till the end a lot of times in my mind...My mind was enlightened.. my soul smiled..... n I stood there waiting for you, but you never came through... Did you even know I was waiting?
Night overcame.... n probably that's when you reached the end....but still, there was light enough to see through.. to look beyond..Was it totally dark? Did you wait for dawn? Or you gave up too early!!!
You probabably will never know... n I'll always know that even though I found light, I lost the purpose of my search.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


May... how beautiful and deceitful thou art ....

May, how hopefully and hopelessly thou dart ....

May, U "May" or "May" not ....

May... U r breaking my heart ...!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

P.S. I m Done Loving You

So u thought u can make me cry...

Forget it..u r just another Guy..

I wanted u to b special,

But hey, u r not...

u r just another Vessel

Amidst the empty lot..

So come, join as a friend

Coz falling in Love is easy, being in Love

JusT A Modern Trend

Till here we've treaded hand-in-hand...

Now, its time..

to Let GO the slipping sand....

Oops! u were never mine...

If u happen to wonder...

FYI... I m doing Fine.