Monday, December 14, 2015


"And sold", it was announced
And he softly wept
There was nothing left
That was so precious
She gently walked away
But she wiped his eyes
One last time, she spoke
"Darling why do you cry!
When it is me who is being sacrificed
It is me who pays the price
For your every act of honour.
Darling why do you cry!
This isn't new to me
And I had always known.
Don't come back for my ashes
As you wouldn't find them
I am no more flesh and blood
I am pain that would reside in you
Ain't that glorious!
Darling please don't cry."

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Me too

I'm sad
I'm hurt
I miss you
I love you
I'm sorry
Me too

Breaking bad

No I wasn't the bad influence
As I was happy with just coffee
While you wanted beer
And I was just about fine
With just a little walk
Some rusty talk
And leaning onto you
But you were all into
Addictive adventure
No I wasn't the sinner
As I always prayed
As I always cried
And always tried
In silence and out loud
On your face
Almost outraged
But I just learned
To like the other side
The one that made more sense
To you and then me
No I'm not a bad influence
I just drifted
Discovering more
Exploring more
With you
As there wasn't much
That would let us
Just be ourselves
No I never would be
Just a bad influence
You will learn someday
My side of the story.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

19.19 pm

There u were...
right beside me
for about a minute
But it wasn't the same
An unusual window in between
I saw you...
Checking your phone.
For a moment I thought
You were looking for me
May be I was wrong
But there I was right beside you
Looking at you
And suddenly it felt so heavy
Then the lights flickered
And we were moving together
And then you took a left
The road you used to take
to come see me
A scream gathered within
And I thought I'll call...
but my voice choked
I saw you leave
One more time
just like old times
In the rear view.
Completely unaware
You took a left
I finally checked my phone
It was Tuesday 19.19

Friday, November 20, 2015


He wanted space. She agreed. Few days later there was no space left for her in his life.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Whatever happened in between

I still remember the days when we were just acquaintances. And from the very first days we were so hell bent on pushing each other away. We don't have to make efforts any more.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Salt and water

She rushed to the washroom. Opened all the taps and closed her eyes. The water kept running till she tasted the salt dripping from her eyes.

Friday, October 23, 2015

In love with a God! Oops!

The problem with loving a great man is that he always chooses greatness over your feelings. No matter how much you love, no matter how much you pine, no matter how much you hold on to... it's never enough! It's not fair to ask for anything in return. And why should you! Greatness should always win! And like God, a great man will never answer. You can only beg and pray. Or you could meditate and patiently wait till he grants your wishes. But make no mistakes, cause he cares alright! He would love every bit of attention and out of this world experiences but he can not express. That's blasphemy and makes him guilty. Cause a great man is almost like a God, he can bear a lot of pain, but he will sacrifice and it's absolutely not selfish. Haven't you heard of animal sacrifice! It's a ritual, right? He would always choose to be a monument of non-attachment. The Gods sacrifice all the time. And if you are too close to him... like almost his own self, then he has all the rights of bearing the pain of your crucifixion. The world will applaud! That suits his image. But kind words of love are too mortal.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The songs that u used to send on your way back home
That made me feel special
The ones that I mostly dint recognise
Dint know which album they're from
But see, what it does to me everytime I hear the same song
It makes me miss you so much!

Friday, October 16, 2015


Nisha's kohl got darker everyday. It was easier to hide the last night's remnants and everyday's dark circles.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Back in time

I wish we could have those days when
I dint understand your ways.
I would love to go back
As then you used to try harder
And when I still dint or denied,
I remember you hold me and say,
"I'll miss you silly, don't you get it"
And then time would freeze for a while
I wouldn't be able to drive anymore
As I'd be haunted by your image in the rear view.

You waited till I drove off
And I couldn't go further...

And then I would scream on the way
To let it out
Bump onto any place
Just to feel a greater pain
But in vain.

There was joy in that pain
There was love in those eyes
There was trust in your touch
There was a smile in our hearts
There was hope in the longing
We knew we would see each other again
Just a matter of time
I want to go back to that time
When life was mean but wasn't meaningless.

Monday, September 28, 2015

On a day like this

On a day like this
I would have probably asked you
To be with me,
Share my space,
My dreams and passions,
Showered my affection,
Lose myself in your eyes
Smile and cry at the same time
Asked you to stay.
But on a day like this...
This time I just will have to
Miss you.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Truth is...

Nobody's going to honk till you get down for a talk
Nobody's going to stop you from leaving
Nobody's going to be bothered whether your little heart is dead or alive
Nobody's going to pull you closer, slap you and tell you how much they feel for you
And even if someone does any one of these, that won't be the one you expect.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Nowhere is for real

"So why did she leave?"
"Because she thought it doesn't matter where she stood, but she was so wrong! She couldn't take nowhere."

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Break down

Same song playing on my playlist
Same images running through my mind
Insane rush
Same strain of pain refrains
Some wasted words,
Same familiar break downs.

After break down

When you roll down my cheeks to kiss
I love you even more
I just want to run till I find you
Just want to hold you tighter
And I want to place my hands on your chest
Feel your rhythm and lean
Peace on this maddening world is so rare!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What he can't be and I can't do

I miss you so much
And it aches too much
That I know I'm diseased
With each drop of tear
I console, I'm moving on
Truth is, I'm not.
I'm just looking for you
In some one else
Any familiarity
Makes me feel
May be this is you
Truth is, he can never be.
Age, sun sign, one habit
Just anything would do
I desparately hope
I'll do what you
half-heartedly wanted
Truth is, I just can't let go.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Sweet Vengeance

Hundred ways to give me pain
You know hundred ways to kill me
But that doesn't make you an enemy
It just proves how well
You know me
But then you choose not to know
Doubt, question, alienate
All but to negate what you
Already felt and told me
Damn! How well you know me!

22 Aug 15 ♡Debbie


Breaking up wasn't an option
As we were always broken
Wild and free indeed,
But did you forget "alone"!
And as I break into an embrace
I ask, can I say something stupid?
Then I wonder, can I...!
But I choose not to
As we are always broken
And that proves there is something
That still makes sense
That still finds gravity
That still gets jealous
And you push me too far
I crawl and wonder, can I...!
But we can't afford
Even a break up
And I can never break down
Anywhere else
Other than your heart
When the ringing in your ears
Gets too loud
I wonder, can I...!
Because I know that will bring peace
I know you miss stupid things
But I choose not to
As we are broken anyway
What's the point of hope!
You and I will always be broken.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tomar moner bhul

Ami tomar moner bhul
Ami truti, tomar bibhishikha
Ami tomar harano spandan
Kabyo kintu bitorkito
Ami tomar oshpshoshtho baani
Teto... abchha... glaani
Tomar chhaya kintu mithye
Ami shorbosshyo shorbonasha sotti
Ami tomar hridoyer aborjona
Tomar  chhondohin abbritti.