Thursday, September 17, 2009


A few days back i read a cover story in a leading newspaper about "Bimbo Delusion"...according to the writer people who are beautiful and sexy are mostly dumb as we read in the blond jokes. Blonds are therefore sexy but considered to be dumb n we ourselves often behave very differently while dealing with them as we consider them dumb. The sardars here are therefore treated in a similar way. Thus the beautiful models who try to behave smart often end up being tagged as bitchy or loud-mouthed. they quoted a few examples as well.


I was pretty deluded myself after reading this ...n therefore i decided to respond to this ..which goes like this...

Intelligence has nothing to do with the color of hair or beauty (in response to cover story 'Bimbo Delusion', 21st Nov '07). There are many beautiful ladies like Susmita Sen or Bipasha Basu who are beautiful and definitely sexy and are equally intelligent. Beauty with brains combo does undoubtedly exist and no research has ever proved that people who are not beautiful or sexy are intelligent. And according to me the people who are dumb can never be beautiful or sexy. It's a matter of genes. So the next time we laugh at a blonde joke we better re-assess our intelligence.

............n guess what ! this got published as the letter of the week.

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