Monday, September 7, 2015


Breaking up wasn't an option
As we were always broken
Wild and free indeed,
But did you forget "alone"!
And as I break into an embrace
I ask, can I say something stupid?
Then I wonder, can I...!
But I choose not to
As we are always broken
And that proves there is something
That still makes sense
That still finds gravity
That still gets jealous
And you push me too far
I crawl and wonder, can I...!
But we can't afford
Even a break up
And I can never break down
Anywhere else
Other than your heart
When the ringing in your ears
Gets too loud
I wonder, can I...!
Because I know that will bring peace
I know you miss stupid things
But I choose not to
As we are broken anyway
What's the point of hope!
You and I will always be broken.

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