Sunday, October 25, 2009


If you are Dawn
I am Dusk
If you are Subtle
I am Musk
When you destroy
I try to remake
When you go off to sleep
I mourn awake
Have you ever wondered
Why we met!
Sure, 'NO' My Friend
Cause W-E are two banks
of a meander
We aren't alike even
In our mindless wander.

My apologies to all good poets.............I am not a poet, poetry refuses to happen to me .......i write what i think....i don't try to rhyme as i cant....


  1. some lives choose not to rhyme
    some poems dont need to rhyme
    poetry aint always
    meant to be written
    cant force it into
    some rhythmic chime

    Its there,floating frantic
    naked and wild
    into the wide open

    let it be
    let it be
    let it be

  2. apologies not needed...

    nice work